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Listening to young people.

Hello! Happy new year for 2023. Without expectation of regularity, or any kind of accidental declaration of specific intentions, I'm going to put some of my news, scribblings projects and the occasional ramble (both kinds) here. Sometimes as a graphic recorder, I'm lucky enough to listen in to people's conversations and ideas about some really interesting things. Often hopeful and inspirational things. And it's a total privilege to be a fly on the wall.

Like this insight from some brilliant young people, who as part of the Triumph Network of research, came together in Edinburgh to envision what a mentally healthy society for young people could look like. 'No more I should be' they said. 'Keep to your values'. 'Recognise the impact of social media' and 'we all have different paths - celebrate them'. 'Listen to young people - they know best'. I think they do. Full image here.

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