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About Me

I graduated from Edinburgh University and College of Art in 2002 with an MA in Fine Art, and then worked in arts and mental health and travelled before settling down to work in London. In 2009 I completed an MA in Illustration at Camberwell of College of Art and set up as a freelance Illustrator after that. My work is sold through a number of small galleries and private commission both nationally and internationally, and has featured in IKEA's Olunda collection. I returned to Edinburgh in 2015 with my husband and young family, and now work from my home studio in Edinburgh's seaside town of Portobello.


My work combines watercolour and hand drawn birds and animals with vintage maps or found and photographed imagery. I mostly draw British birds to fit with Ordnance Survey maps from the 1920s - early 1960s. I always start with the map, and use wildlife local to the area shown in it. I use the contours of the map to inspire the image. I love the layers of meaning – either personal or more universal - that I can create with different combinations of imagery.

If you are looking for my illustration work, including ink and watercolour images for children's books, editorial, reports and graphic recording work, please visit my Instagram page @jennycapondraws, there's a link in the menu  Thanks!

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