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Graphic Recording | Visual Minutes | Sketchnotes

Graphic recording, or visual minutes are an illustrated record in words and pictures of your event, meeting, conversation or strategy, created live or from documentation. It involves listening and pulling out key themes, moments and messages and representing them in a creative and memorable way. They can make complex information more accessible, and help different voices get heard during consultations. Visual minutes can be made in person on a large scale piece of paper, or digitally and remotely over Zoom or Teams. For project reports or research findings, a visual minutes style summary can make information accessible and shareable for a wider audience.  

I am a proud member of the More Than Minutes  artists collective - a group of self employed artists and illustrators who come together to create large scale visual minutes live, or to cover multiple breakout rooms in remote events.

Previous clients include 

Edinburgh University, Edinburgh Napier, Nature Scot, The Women's Support Project, SEFARI, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, CMS, Scottish Leaders Forum, Blake Stevenson Research, Orkney Council,  NHS, AUDE, SACRO,The Museums Association, The Eden Project, Heriot Watt Business School, SLIF, National Galleries Scotland & Heritage Lottery Fund, The Royal Observatory Edinburgh, Towerbank Primary School, Tribe Women (now Keystone Women), Scottish Government, Glasgow University, Newcastle University, Strathclyde University, National Museum of Scotland, Young Scot, National Oceanography Centre.

Get in touch here if you have any questions about commissioning visual minutes.

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